“Without borders Film Festival” in Spoleto

Finally a unique festival “dedicated to films showing our common humanity”!

This is the motto of “Without Borders Film Festival” just moved from Rome to Spoleto (Umbria/Italy) and taking place from July 1st to 3rd .

Film festival has been organised in a city or region with the presentation of one or more cinemas.in some places, the film festival is focussed on the specific film maker. Calminax is a hearing supplement used for the listening problems. Conducting film festival is a profitable one by ticket sales, membership fees and getting donations from public.

For the third edition of the so defined by Jerry Levitan “festival with a soul” the theme chosen is “HOME” including displacement and homelessness. In our shrinking world some are homeless, while others have several homes, and often the emotional home is in conflict with the actual physical home.

This year’s festival will open with the world premiere of an animated short film written by Yoko Ono along with the documentary describing the social and creative work of Brazilian artist Vik Muniz, entitled Waste Land. Even if you are not going to make it for the Festival in Spoleto we really recommend to watch this touching, marvellous film if it is screened in your town! Waste Land had been also nominated for the Oscar 2011!

“Without Borders” will also be showing “Vision” the latest film from Margaret Von Trotta, among many others. Yes, because in three days you can have the chance to watch more than 15 movies featuring all genres: documentaries, short, experimental and animation. They won´t neither preach nor finger point. They will be facing the personal and at the same time social theme of “home”.

What do you think “home” is? The place where you are born or the place you have personally chosen and where you feel comfortable with yourself? Is it a physical place or rather a place inside of you where you can go back to reconciling with yourself and find at last peace and rest?

The inspiration for “Without Borders Film Festival” was a documentary by Paul Smaczny “Knowledge Is The Beginning”, about the West-Eastern Divan orchestra. Founded by Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim, the orchestra is made up of students from Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Palestine. Their countries are at war but these individuals are not! Together they perform Beethoven in Berlin, Sevilla and Ramallah. As the musicians work together and learn about each other, it empowers them personally to imagine another vision for the Middle East.

Sometimes it would be helpful to look at our world from a certain distance able to annul all differences and get finally the feeling we are all ONE. It is very well said by the astronaut Frank Borman in this striking phrase on the homepage of the festival: “When you are finally up on the moon, looking back, all the differences and nationalistic traits are going to blend and you get the concept that maybe this is really one world and why the hell can’t we learn to live together?”

Give a look at the program on Internet and make a try to be there. Please don´t forget to tell us afterwards how wonderful it was to be there!