Why Is Nature Always The Main Theme Of Paintings?

Most artists jump with joy when you want them to paint nature’s sceneries.  This is because nature is the synonym of art where no special effort is being made to make things look perfect.  It is the best teacher who can bring the best out of a painter. 

It is not quite easy to draw down nature as there are challenges too.  If the artist commits a mistake then that would have a huge impact on the final form of his painting.  The way sunlight falls on objects has to be brought in the same way so that nothing goes wrong.  This is the major challenge and when something goes wrong the artificial look crops up and the audience feels that something is not perfect in the painting.  See this site to know more details on this.

Besides the shades have to represented correctly as that tells the viewer which part of the day that was shown in the painting.  The warm sunlight of morning comes in a different color as it descends on the grazing grounds and sheep.  The dew shines in the grass and the flowers awake gently and smile at the warm rays of the sun.  You would notice that a painting can represent all of these brilliantly and minutely without leaving any point. 

Sometimes we might be awestruck by the fact that how a painting can bring alive lightning, hurricane, and rain too.  The dark woods and a lonely cooing bird that spreads melancholy its song of wilderness too is exactly depicted in a painting.  The majestic feeling of a snake or a leopard and the hunting speed too is depicted flawlessly in a painting.  The snowy peaks and the rivers gushing on the rocky terrain is another natural scenery that is often represented in a painting.  The Splash or white water pearls would be so natural that the viewer would hear the magical sound of water flowing in his mind lanes. 

The quiet and calm hilly villages with little huts in the background of lush greenery with a lonely boat on the silent pond brings the peace of solitude in the viewer’s mind.  The seas are represented equally well in paintings with the restless waves.  Sometimes the subject matter of the painting can be a simple natural thing like a small blade of grass or an ordinary tree of a butterfly.  Yet the painting rocks and that is why artists lookout for nature more than any other subject.