Food wastage refers to the quantitative and the qualitative of the food and the other edible stuffs. These edible stuffs are only intended for the human chain. The food wastage is defined as the food that is completely edible for consumption is discarded due to some reasons. On the growing demand, the food wastage should be somehow managed and reduced for the well being. There are many people on the other side who is not stuffed with the either the qualitative or the quantitative food. One should be responsible for their act of doings. Some of the ways to avoid wastage of food are as follows:

  • Food storage: The cooked food or the supplies necessary for cooking should be stored in a proper place in a hygienic way. The fruits and the vegetables should be studies well before they are stored. Browse around these guys who detail the proper storage method of fruits and vegetables. The food storage does not end here. The leftover (if any) should also be stored with care.
  • Avoid usage of clutter: Storing food is a good idea. But, there storage should be done wisely. On buying a new grocery list, it is very important to finish the old ones first. Likewise, while dealing with the leftovers, the first come and first taken principle should be followed. The usage of freezer for storing food should be reduced. The reason behind is that, the food remains unspoiled, but the water content are completely removed from the food that makes the food dry.
  • Keep track of the food wastage: One should manage the food waste log. This log maintenance helps to prevent the same mistake while dealing with the food and the food supplies. This also helps us remind the stuffs present in the fridge before going for shopping. This prevents the piling up of products that may get spoiled over course of time.
  • Involve in food donation: In the worst case, if the food is in excess; then before throwing it to the trash can, one should check the food banks or the charities around. By this way, one can help the needy and also avoid food wastage. Apart from that, the left over scraps and the other types of food can be given to the farm to feed the farm animals and the corresponding companies.
  • Preserve the food: One should try to preserve the food before it gets spoiled. This puts an end card to the food wastage.