Or human body is itself an art by the God. Such a body needs water that itself is a miracle by the rain. Rain is an important source of fresh water. It is that one that brings life to the world. Food is a form of art. All the arts are connected by some means. All the food, either it is hard or dry contains water in it. Even the solid foods have the ability to provide about percent of water to the human body. The process of digestion also secretes water to an extent that provides to the body. This contribution contributes around percent of the water content to the body. The left out 30 percent of the water should come from the fluids taken in. The total amount of water necessary for a human body depends upon the factors like gender, age, physical activeness, medical conditions and the environment where one lives in.

There are certain group of people who needs less water intake like:

  • The people who consume high water content foods like fruits and the vegetables
  • The people who live in the cold environments
  • The people who are lives a sedentary life

On the other hand, there are certain types of people who need increased water intake:

  • The people who are on a high protein diet (to process the protein by the kidneys)
  • The people who are on a high fibre diet (to prevent the problem of constipation)
  • The people who vomit or subjected to diarrhoea (to fill in the lost fluids)
  • The people who are active physically like involving oneself in workout, any type of physical exercise and sports persons (to refill the lost fluids in the form of sweat)
  • The people who are in or work in the hot or warm weather conditions (to refill the lost fluids  in the form of sweat)

Based on the age limit and the gender, one can go to my site to view the same. The water intake should be increased and there are some tips for the same.

  • One can squeeze a lemon, or hinge of strawberry flavour or addition of mint leaves to the plain water in increase the water intake.
  • Depending upon the place, one can have a bottle or a glass of water handy to intake water regularly.
  • For every meal and the snack, the water intake should is recommended.
  • The ice cubes from fresh juice can be added to water to increase the taste.