The main source of water is rain. It can be said as, “the water is even an art of rain”. In our world of life, water is the abundantly found liquid. It is an essential thing for the living condition of human beings and other living creatures. 71.4 % of the earth’s surface is covered with water. In this, the pure water is only in less quantity. The little pure water is used for drinking, cooking and other related purposes. In this universe, water exists in 3 forms. It includes the following:

  • Solid: At 0 degree of temperature, the water is converted into ice which is a solid form.
  • Liquid: It is in this liquid sate, the water is used normally for the essential needs.
  • Gas: The water boils and converts the water into the gas. It is called water vapour. It goes up into the atmosphere to form clouds which in turn brings in rain to us.

Sources of water

The sources of water falls under two major categories and here is the image source of the same. The categories include:

  • Surface water: It is the water found above the ground level. For instance water in lakes, rivers and more.
  • Ground water: It is found under the ground level. The rain water penetrates deep inside the earth. This water can be made use by digging wells and bore wells.

Simple ways to prevent wastage of precious water

  • The leaking taps should be fixed. This prevents wastage of water to a greater extent.
  • It is well and good bath without shower like usage of mug and bucket.
  • When a person brushes, he or she should keep the tap off. It is advised to turn it on when needed alone.
  • During laundry, use the machines with full load instead of half load or minimal load.
  • It is very best to use the water from a bucket during the vessel washing, instead of washing the vessels in the running water.
  • The swimming pools can be covered to avoid the process of evaporation.

Everyone in this world should be very conscious while dealing with the water. No one should waste the water. Everyone should lend their contribution to save water for our near future. One should always learn to live in harmony of nature. The art of rain should not be disturbed in any ways by anyone.