A boon

Urbanization is good that, our existing land of living is growing. In the urban areas, it is enough to put in less energy to get our basic needs like water and electricity. It opens to a wide range of opportunity. This includes education, job offers, health and many more on the queue. It aids in better social collaboration with the people that improves contacts. This helps people to live in harmony with each other. The improvement is rapid in the economic level too. The urban areas give opportunity to everyone who visits.

A curse

Even though urbanization brings in several benefits, the adverse effects are also equally present and it is high. The competitions of living in the urban areas are high. This automatically results in several negative effects. Many people, mainly farmers move to the cities in search of better life and living. But, they finally end up as labors. This creates the slum areas in the cities. Slums are densely populated with poor living conditions with full of garbage, rubbish, improper sewage disposal and dirt. Due to the increasing crowd, there rises unemployment. Due to unemployment, many crimes are increased where the law and order becomes very difficult. Illywords is a blogging site that has a blog related to  the garbage revolution. One can always see this for more information.

The disposal or the maintenance of trash becomes very tedious and an increasing alarm. The trash created by the overcrowded people in slum remains unmanageable. The waste that is not recycled fills in the land and the oceans creating many problems. The problems are deadly with many negative impacts to our environment.

  • Climate change: The trashes by the humans are increasing day by day due to the increasing population. The waste in the open land releases the methane gas that affects the climatic conditions. The other reason is that, the burning of waste releases many toxic gases that affects the layer of the atmosphere. This affects the cycle of seasons.
  • Wildlife: Due to the un-handled garbage and the trashes, the wildlife ecosystem is also greatly disturbed. The garbage or the sewage directly let into the water bodies or on the land disturbs the livelihood to a greater extent. The no degradable waste gets piled affecting the quality of land and the water bodies.
  • Public health: Due to the improper way of handling the waste, the garbage or trash or the sewage becomes the dwelling place for various micro organisms that are responsible for various deadly diseases.