Unhealthy Effects of Refresh by Means of Technology

Everyone in the modern world after completing their work, they are in need of refreshment .Cell phones are being used by each and every one in this world. Almost all the people are constantly looking at it. If the cell phone is not with you even for few minutes, then you may be anxious. Even though this technology is beneficial, if you use it without any knowledge of their harmful effect is found to be dangerous and unsafe. Obsession with the mobile gadgets now turned into epic and about one in every five person gets affected by the use of smart phone. Number of syndromes are there due to the addiction of the smartphone.

Modern day mobile phones have number of facilities such as text messaging, email, internet, wireless Bluetooth, gaming, photography, etc., etc. More advanced computing facilities with the mobile phones come into the market. Continuous using of the smartphone results in the text claw, a medical term used to describe the cramping in fingers and sore muscles due to the scrolling, gaming and all. Inflammation in tendons and the condition tens=ds to increase in the conditions like tendinitis and carpal tunnel. Cell phone elbow is another syndrome which affects the elbows and fingers by causing the tingling sensation, numbness in the ring and pinky fingers. This disorder remains in our body for long period of time.

If your non-stop use of smart phone make you to feel sore and weak, stop using the phone. Do some stretches and bend your wrist forward and backward and put your hands together to do like a prayer and pushing it down. When pain is severe give heat compress and you may feel better.

The major problems may occur in the vision. Tiny fonts in the texts and when you scrolling it down to dozens of time may lead to the strain in your eyes, blurred vision, dizziness and dry eyes. All these effects may lead to headaches. When you experience any discomfort in your eyes, make the font size bigger. Try to hold the mobile at least 16 inches away from the faces. Take rest from looking up your screen for few minutes and don’t forget to blink. Radiation from the mobile tends to cause cancer and other health diseases. You can go to my website and get information about the mobile phone radiation and its preventive measures.