Understanding Modern Art

Most people think that contemporary art is something far beyond their reach and understanding.  Sometimes it is branded as irrational and meaningless and even expensive.  Check the site here to know the full details.

The most interesting thing about modern art is the brilliant usage of colors and each color imparts a different meaning or mood.  On the other hand, traditional painting is quite easy to understand and one need not struggle to find out anything.  The meaning interpretation is quite obvious, and one does not need anybody’s help.  When it comes to modern art, people hesitate to go up to a gallery most times because asking some one’s help in interpreting a painting is quite embarrassing. 

However, modern art is also quite simple and easy to interpret if you understand the background of the artist.  For that, you just need to do some background research.  And in the gallery, you get a lot of guided tours like help these days and you can also find an awesome company.  You have to simply mingle and merge with your group and listen to the inputs given by the curator. 

For example, when I was observing an abstract artwork of water lilies, I had already known that the artist’s vision was impaired.  Hence whatever he had drawn was according to his interpretation of what he saw.  The blurred vision had created some abstract images in his mind and that was drawn by him in the canvas. 

Modern art has given us so many styles like embosses and a variety of new materials are being used in the art.  The scope that an artist gets in the case of sculptures is wider than paintings.  He can use numerous media like metals, stones, and recycled trash even. 

Another amazing thing about modern art is it represents the past, present, and future in the same canvass.  The dimension of time is represented by using the tripping of paint techniques in the painting and this is something wonderful.  In modern art sometimes the paintings are broken into a set of three and the way the three paintings correlate and match correctly shows the mastery of the painter.  Most times the modern art installations are humungous in size and the observer feels tiny before it.  If you go in search of aesthetic value in modern art, you may not always find it.  However, it has a lot of things to do with the feelings of people and their thinking process.