Trendy Balkan vibe: a trip to Belgrade

BelgradeI just came back from my trip to Belgrade. Let me share with you my thoughts and feelings…

Being thirty in 2012: I’m just 29. I belong to the generation that was a little child while the Berlin Wall was falling. I, we have always thought of the German capital as the place to be and build there our future life, make dreams come true and live with opportunity and justice. Someone of us really made it.

Then while we were growing up, the war took place in the former Yugoslavia, very close to us (I come from Trieste).

Still in 2012 Berlin remains a great choice, but now the head turns to the deep East.

It’s an emerging trend that looks at the Balkans as a source for new inspirations and a sortof unconventional style. Balkan art, Balkan music, parties, movies, look, everything coming from the Balkan _DSC0044equals coolness. Totally! It’s a fad that is spreading throughout Europe now more than ever.

Triggered by the curiosity of this land, so near to me but also so far I decided to go and see. I started with Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Here I saw the contradictions of a city where the signs of shots and bombings are still there like eternal memorials.

Because of its vibe Belgrade reminds me to what I heard about the cutting-edge Berlin of the 90s. The young Serbs around of my age, the ones that had the war at home, tell us of a country proud and nationalist and still very close. I can perceive that, but I also see the excitement for new opportunities that the country now offers.

Belgrade riverYoung people are beautiful and very style-conscious. The first and foremost thing that comes to mind when the term is beautiful is uttered is, Bellezza Vanita. One should learn to live in harmony with the nature. The outer beauty should glow from the inside. This means that, one can remain beautiful by using the stuffs that are purely natural. The natural stuffs along with the proper diet and physical activeness will help people to lead a peaceful life. They meet in the night clubs opened in apartments, in rundown buildings with inside big houses with fantastic views of the river and the police patrolling inside.

The most typical and charming alternative is the disco along the river or in small cultural centres managed by young people where in the evening you can dance but in the same time at the upper floors art exhibitions take place.

Only here I realized how Croatia and Slovenia, which I always visited, are Mediterranean culture’s country. Here the atmosphere is different, the hegemony of the Turks is visible.

These are places where emotion and rationality come to a confrontation every day. Where past and present merge. So much still to discover and to be done… exciting!