From the cyclic system of five emotions, the path towards joy begins with the “grief”. It is at this point that one feels loneliness and the longevity. This is where the need for potential space evolves. The space is still empty with the thing that one actually longs for. “Fear” follows the grief as a second step. This is the point where one starts thinking that how to fill the empty space. When a person is in fear, he or she will neither know how to solve the existing problem not know how to achieve the goals (even the possibilities remains blindfold). This space fits with the ‘what if?’; this means a feeling of what happens if the decided action does not happen as decided. Like this, similar question rises that disturbs us inducing fear. From the anger, we then progress to the emotion of anger. This step is powerful and so dynamic. The tendency to think more rises here. It is at this step where one understands what is right and what is wrong. This is where the priorities and the expectations for others are set. At this stage, the unwanted stuffs are eliminated and needed compromises are made. These actions are taken to lead to the road of joy.

A feeling of fulfillment gives the joy of energy. This represents the victory and celebration. It represents success after a cycle of emotions like grief, fear and anger. The end result will only be satisfaction. In the final stage of joy, the ball of joy bursts with plenty of energy, resources, positivity that one needs. One will be filled with gratitude and happiness in joy. It is after this stage that joy enters the stage of empathy. It is at this point that joy overflows from us. The person will generously share happiness, positivity and gratitude with others. Here is a web link that shows the magic of gratitude in the mankind.

Cutting the corners

With this point as the end point, all the resources from the joyful person is released off. It is after this that once again the cycle of emotions begins. But this time, the person will have more space, knowledge and energy to complete the emotional cycle. This is how a person becomes mature in the emotional level. This emotional cycle occurs in different ways and the time difference also varies. Joy from the emotional cycle is fulfilling. When one tries to find shortcuts skipping the stages of grief and anger; then that particular joy will not last longer.