The Language Of Artist

Have you ever thought about what languages the artists speak?  Of course, there are famous artists in all countries.  You may wonder that they would be speaking their respective mother tongue.

However, when all the artists get to meet even when they do not know the language of the other person they start interacting.  I have observed this in various art festivals where people from different countries come.  Their languages and traditions would be different.  Yet at the backstage, they slowly start communicating with each other.  Even if they are to use the sign language they do not hesitate or bother.  That is because the constant thirst for art increases inside an artist when he gets to see the other artist. 

This is true for any artist who is a master in his art form- whether it is music, dance, or painting.  The less skilled one learns new skills from the more skilled one.  The level of mastery has nothing to do with fame and even a less famous artist will have lots of things which other people would try to learn.  The eagerness to quench the thirst is constantly redirected here- to the art gatherings. 

Sometimes the conversation starts when it is surprising to find that the other artist has cultural similarities.  They would start speaking for sharing their common ideas and end up finding the differences in culture and they start guessing the roots of the culture.  It should form the same root that they would have branched out into two.  This is the beauty of humanity and this is evident so much in art.  Food also connects them in the same way as hard work for making art survive despite a tough environment.

These days people have no time for watching and appreciating art which has lead to the destruction of rare art forms due to lack of patronage.  In most cases, it would be the last generation artist who would be trying everything to make the art to be carried forward.  When the prospects are low they are not able to find out persons who are eager to learn the art form.  All over the world, with the death of the last person who was doing the art, the art itself had died.  This is more painful that art is being left to face a natural death.  Next time when you come across an artist performing a rare art, spend some time appreciating the art.  It would be more helpful if you take pains to contribute financially to the event.