The excellence of Lake Como in fashion

Lake Como is known all over the world as one of the best places ever.

Tourists usually visit it from Spring to Autumn to admire all the amenities and cultural, historical, architectural beauties. Also food and nature are attractive and appealing to people who like to relax and live a real good life, even if only for few days. One of the reasons why the Como branch of Lario is more famous than the other one is related to the industrial history of the place. In the past Como developed silk factories which attracted business men from the UK as early as 1800. After World War I, the Americans too used to arrive on Lake Como both for business and in order to live a sort of “Dolce Vita” – Golf Club Villa d’Este was founded by an Englishman, but relived thanks to American visitors after the 20s -. The English and the Americans who used to work here started to live in beautiful villas on the Lake. Normally men build cities on the banks of water bodies like rivers since it takes care of drinking water and agriculture.  Check this web site to know full details.  All ancient civilizations have been excavated near banks of water bodies only.  Perhaps the earlier man used the water sensibly for his advantage as he depended on the river for transportation and fishing too.  In olden days rivers were so rich in minerals and the silt they brought during floods enriched the farming activities.  However, with industrialization modern man has changed the water bodies into mere sources of pollution containing toxins that can harm everyone.  This is a universal problem, and nothing could be done to prevent it.  In developing nations, the pollution aspect is completely ignored to address employment issues.  However only in very few places, there is a balance between the industries and conserving nature’s beauty. Silk factories used to grow and for this reason that side of the lake hosts many famous silk factories nowadays. The glamourous side of life on the lake is a consequence and it is still alive nowadays thanks to the renaissance of important and luxury hotels and villas and for this reason, it’s not rare for visitors to ask where they can buy beautiful silk scarfs or shirts because they still represent one of the excellent sides of Lake Como.