The world today is going on a race for money, success, credits and achievement. But, the true value revolves around the real value of joy. This is applicable for everyone around the globe. One should try living a life that demands happiness to oneself and not for the rest of the world. For instance, a waiter in a hotel was roaming about like a pleasant air. The waiter was in full swing with full of positive thoughts. This showed how happy was the waiter doing his work. This is what the customers need who visit the hotel. In this way, the happiness and the joy is spread amidst everyone. This act showed how much the waiter loved his job as an art. This also portrays that joy is contagious. When a person comes to the hotel with the sorrow or depression; the act of the waiter and his way of responding to the depressed man brings in life back to the depressed man. By this way, joy is spread to the world from one person to the other.


Joy is a thrusting force in the human nature. It extends a powerful pull on everyone. It takes us to the highest position in our life with the path full of gifts and wonders. One should understand that the main reason for our life is to look for happiness. Our brains always tend to look for the events, people and other stuffs that generate joy, pleasure and the happiness. There are many reasons for this happiness. Our life is full of primary delights. For example; seeing a banana ripe, a hug from a friend, a kiss on the head from loved one, etc. The happiness is purely personal. Due to this, an act that brings happiness to one will not bring happiness to others. Also, it is said that when one’s wish is fulfilled; happiness begins here. The joy of happiness is linked here depending upon the interest and kind of people.

In other terms, joy does not mean the feeling from others. It is all about what one have chosen, claimed and pursued for oneself. By nature, joy is an emotional act that comes from deep inside fulfilling all the expectations. In other terms, the act of finding joy is an art of creativity that is filled with mystery and discovery. This art involves a little courage, a wide open mind and a great willingness to open up the darker side of our mind and soul.