Shopping is nothing but the spending of money. That shopping should be done with the list and should sincerely stick to the created list. By this way, one can avoid too much shopping. Before preparing a meal, one should plan ahead before shopping. This may seem quite complex. One should keep in mind the fact to love the food and hate the waste. With this in mind, one can keep a notepad in kitchen and write down the stuffs as they run out. Also, before writing down, a quick search in the fridge and the pantry should be done. So only after this, the particular item should be written in the notepad for buying. It is advisable to buy only what is in need and not what is in the package during shopping. This may be fruits or vegetables or dairy products or even the meat stuffs. It is not always necessary to buy meat as in the list. One can buy the lentils, chickpeas and other similar stuffs to avoid the excess costs. These foods are healthy too with many benefits to the purse and the health.

Cook what is needed

It is good to cook what is exactly needed for the family. If extra cooking is done, then it ends up in the trash bin. Before cooking, one should make a note of how much (in raw quantity) they are cooking for the particular members in family. By this way, one can cook the next time (if necessary with the slight modifications). It is suggested to use the measuring cups to cook rather than the guesswork. Here is a blog that details the idea of measuring cups for different food stuffs. This is does not end with cooking. The eating way all the members should be monitored to overcook or under cook than necessary.

Use: what you have got

It is necessary to take quick surf of what one has before cooking. It is good to follow clean fridge once a week. This means that one can cook food with what is left and get ready for shopping after that. One can even take a look for the leftover if any present it the fridge. These food stuffs should be consumed in the order of being kept inside (what first come in should go out first). By this way, one can be creative in the kitchen too. There is no end to the creativeness.