Sand art is the art of making different shapes through sand modeling. It is the artistic formation of pictures, images and creations by the use of sand and water. It has a long history. This involves cultural elements with the usage of unique techniques and materials. The history of sand art is from the period of early twentieth century. The origin is from the City of Petra. The basic inspiration was from the different colored sand and small rocks from the mountains in the particular area. In the1940s, the camel inspired artistic art gat familiarized. The sand art paintings are known to be the part of Indian tribe of North America called as Navajo tribe. This tribe of people used sand for art and healing and ceremonial activities. One can learn more here about the cultural inspiration of sand art.

The main ingredients of sand painting are water and sand. These are abundantly found in the beach sides. And so, it is found to be a cheapest art. It is an art that gives joy to the artist. It is an art that is tried by all the people and mainly children in the sandy areas and the beach. Based upon the properties (size of the grain) of sand, the sand art may vary in height and structure. For example, the sand art is limited to size due to the bigger size of the grain (in sand). In general, the sand art is made in the sand that is not pure. The sand should have silt and clay mixed in it. The silt and clay in the sand keeps the sand together and helps formation of shapes with reasonable height. The water that is combined with the sand matters a lot for fine finish.

As fun, the children involve in making sand castle. In case of completion, the adults involve in making the sculptures and complex structures. The sand sculpture that is created with the greatest height is at max of about 15 feet. The main tools used for this type of art are buckets and shovels by the sand artists.

There are 3 categories of sand art. They are:

  • Sand art paining
  • Sculpture sand art
  • Bottled sand art: They are done with the different colored sand (by mixing sand with the food color or the paint). These colored sand is then poured into bottles of different size that looks cool.
  • Sand castle: They are the sand sculptures made in the miniature form (of bigger building).