In today’s period, the ancient museums and the archaeological sites are now facing many issues. It includes the operational costs that include the cost for conservation, exhibition, maintenance, conservation and the employee compensation. Understanding the cultural value, the renovation of galleries and the related extensions are encouraged. This required cost for the same that lies in the increase of acquisition of museums and the excavations by the archaeologists. One such important way for the contribution is the tourism. The rise in the act of tourism for over a period of time is providing the necessities to cope up with the aging factor of the buildings from red alarm. It is the tourism that is improving the cultural heritage by providing the services and the facilities for the same. Rather than getting money from the people in terms of tax, one can improve these cultural valued buildings (museums and archaeological sites). This helps the government to increase the revenues and earn money. This is similar to the sayings “a person should not be given food; rather the person to be taught to earn food for oneself”. So, for a museum or archaeological site to render income, there are some commandments that prove fruitful.

  • The staff welfare amount should be cut back with the voluntary persons for work.
  • When a museum or the archaeological site is under poor fame, then it should be first made popular among the local people. The local people should be given free pass to visit and should be made as a hot topic of discussion. By this way, the fame can be increased slowly.
  • There are some tourism declined tourists spots that should also be made famous through online and web information.
  • An idea of opening a new branch of a famous museum in other countries is a great idea for yielding income and the fame.
  • Tax should be imposed on even the non traditional heritages in the name of heritage tax or the art tax by the country. For instance, the heritage tax is imposed on the ships that pass through the Suez Canal (Egypt).
  • The museums and the archaeological sites should be in collaboration with the organizations of education and promotional activities. Some travel plans like packages are also organized and coordinated along with the tourist spots. This increases the revenue to the greater extent. Visit this link to know about such packages to the cultural destinations if Italy.