Rare forms of Art

Rare forms of art always interest and spell-bound us.  Say, for example, calligraphy which has fans in all age groups.  The initial impression of any person would be awe-struck and we always end up thinking ‘oh! Perhaps I need the best handwriting skills to do this.’  However, it is simple only when we start exploring it.  One needs a few specific types of brushes and pens to create that magical effect.

This form of art can be found even during the historic days and it is quite surprising to find it in all the countries- Japan, Greece, and China.  Click this over here to know more.  Perhaps the artistic people needed a better vent and they started writing in artistic form.  You have various styles like the Mayan, the medieval, and the modern western one. 

Have you ever observed the sculptures done with the beach sand?  It looks amazing isn’t it and it is realistic.  When you observe from a distance it sometimes looks like a sand sculpture too.  It makes people wonder how it is possible to create it from grainy sand.  Wet beach sand binds well and this is being used to create not only beautiful figurines but also sculptures speaking about even social issues.

Something equally amazing is the ice sculptures done in countries during winter.  The magical effect of lighting is added to these sculptures.  However, nothing can match the stone sculptures that take the centre stage.  The enormous structure makes us speechless and sometimes the geometrical shapes and techniques remain a mystery even today.

Another rare form of art is butter sculpture which you cannot see everywhere easily.  It is quite difficult to create these as the butter keeps melting while creating the sculpture.  Ice blocks are applied to freeze the parts back into their original form. 

Have you seen paintings that make you wonder whether it is a photo or a painting?  The latest trend in painting is photorealism and this has lots of fans all over the world.  One might argue that a painting should not resemble a photo.  However, to make it more realistic, bringing the lighting features correctly is more challenging.  Hence this form of art is quite tough to make and needs more patronage.  It is something as difficult as sand painting.  Even in sand painting different colors of sand are being used to create the light and shadow effect.  However, when paints are being used, that is harder and that is why photorealism is hard to make.