Art is a human activity. They are wide and varied. Apart from painting, dancing, sculpting there are many other forms of art. In this wide world, there are many other forms of art that do not come under the spotlight or under practice. There are many forms of rare art and one can learn more here. Some of the rate forms of art are as follows:

Human flowers

Everyone knows that human minds are the store house of creativeness. Who else knows that, like human minds, human bodies are also meant for creativeness? There are humans with flexible body that do wonders of making flowers. The formation looks like flowers of real kind.

Reverse Graffiti

No one would have thought that the street art, graffiti might have gained so much popular. In the similar way, reverse graffiti is a way of creating images on the walls or any surfaces by removing the art. Who doesn’t do this art of simple sketch or drawing if your glass is found dirty?

Light Painting

Light brings life into everything and it makes lively. Painting is something that is beautiful. These two combine as an art. This type of art is also called as light drawing. It is a photographic technique. In this technique, the exposures are made by moving the hand with the source of light. This is done to shine a particular point with light or to illuminate a subject.

Cheraw Dance

It is otherwise known as the bamboo dance. It is a dance performed as a ritual. This ritual occurs in the place of Mizoram. This is a famous dance in Mizoram. It involves dancing with four people. The bamboo sticks are placed cross wise. This type of dance is really an art with the center of attraction.

Ice sculpture

A sculpture that uses ice as the raw material is called as an ice sculpture. The sculptures made from ice are realistic, decorative and abstract. The lifetime of such sculptures are of limited time and is dependent on the temperature of the environment. An ice sculpture usually lasts from few minutes to few months.


Calligraphy is an art that is closely related to the visual art. It is an art that is related to writing. The lettering is designed and executed with an instrument that is broad tipped like a pen. It may look like brush or even other types of writing instrument. It is a practice of giving expression and harmonious feel to the signs.