Blogs: As like everything in this world has pros and cons. Just think of the time when there occurred no blogs. Even, no one knows what to do with blog when it was first uttered. But, now there are about 150 million blogs. For a person to be online, he or she should be a content writer i.e. a blogger. It helps us getting recognized online.


  • Search engine optimization: For a person to be found online, one should have a valuable and good content. Once the content is good and considerable, the Google and the other search engines are subjected to take notice and consider the quality stuff. Illywords is one such noticeable blog. One can go through the Wikipedia reference for the same.
  • Openings to new business: The new budding business can always rely on the blogs to get a considerable notice. The constant and the frequent visits to the blog will help attract the customers. The increased count in customers will improve the business.
  • A platform for feedback: The blogs generally provide a commentary section for the readers to provide feedback and comments. By this way, we can get the possible considerations about our own blogs.
  • Gain influence: For the quantitative and the qualitative stuff of one, the visitors are sure to come. This builds in trust and respect with the blogger.
  • Learn about the followers: Only the business person knows the importance of the customers. Blogging is one such way to get more customers.
  • Showcase one: A person who is available online will know more or at least will show off as if they know more.
  • Help others: By providing proper information, one can educate, inspire and initiate others.


The merits of blogging may outnumber the demerits. But, as an active online member, one should always know about the demerits too. This is suggested for better results and stay away from the demerits.

  • Time consumption: When a blogger starts blogging, it may time to reach at least fair number of visitors. So, one should never lose hope and feel unattended.
  • Exhibit poor content: When the content is poor or of low quality, then this may directly affect the brand of a company. So, the review should be done before posting any stuff on the blog.
  • Continued blog: Once the decision is made to blog, then the blogs should be continuously posted to keep the blog more active and interesting.