Places Where You Would not Have Expected Excellent Art and Food

When you are going in search of wonderful art it is quite natural that you may not expect the food to be available there.  However, all over the world, art hubs or festivals are the best places that serve you simple yet awesome food.  This is because in an art festival people from various walks of life are attracted to because art has its role to play in their lives.  You can never expect who might drop in and these days more of commoners gather here.  And today’s art comes hand in hand with a purpose- social or environmental.  Hence environmentalists and social activists always have a lead role to play here and that attracts more crowd.  Look at more info in this website.

The volunteers gather up quickly and implement their advance plans on setting up a make-shift kitchen.  Then all the items right from the stove come one by one.  The items like vegetables, meat, etc. come in chopped and processed/semi-cooked form so that food can be made instantly to serve hundreds of guests.  What is so amazing is the taste and flavor of the food served here.  Whether it is a simple cup of coffee or a doughnut drizzling with cream.  The food counters provide space for artists to meet each other and discuss.  It creates more scope and enthusiasm for art as art now enters into the mind fulfilling the appetite.  As the taste buds get satisfied or tickled the mind starts luring for more art.  It is the same way in the case of the audience too. 

The latest trend in these places is the ‘Art in food’ concept where chefs display their culinary skills.  And when it comes to garnishing you can almost expect the most creative foods.  Sometimes the food themes are related to the themes of artwork that are on display.  For example, in an art exhibition for art made by recycling materials, even the food can be served in paper cups/bags made out of recycled paper.  The good thing is the food growers are also invited to be part of the show.  No wonder that art connects and makes people realize more about living.  Here every simple thing is a great blessing and these events make people realize it fully.  The final best thing is food wastage is avoided as far as possible in all these venues.