Partying at the opening of Biennale di Venezia

Raining at GiardiniVenice Biennale represents so many things… parties at the Palazzo, running in the rain (especially in this edition), improvisations and complains, clashing opinions and eccentric clothing matched with comfortable shoes.

But, one should be very careful when dealing with the water. If it enters the nose or ears, it may at times leads to some infections. These are the sensitive parts of the human body. Such a ear should be cared in a more natural way. Click here to investigate about one such product to take good care of the sense organ, ear.

I think that the days of the opening are not made to talk seriously about art. They are rather days dedicated to public relations, gossips, meetings and new opportunities. In the last ten years I never missed one opening.

When I was at the university I always tried my best to get any kind of job at the Biennale. But now my attitude is different. My love for art and creativity is mixed with the desire of socializing and partying, just to quote the project by the Young collective Cake Away , event that took place in the opening days.

Now I want to give you an overview of what expects you at Giardini and Arsenale until November. Starting from very near I visited Museum of Everything at Serrathe white and red circus tents, the Museum of Everything realised in the new, reinvented space of the Serra. It´s a nice space. The idea behind is good but leaking a little of organization.

After a beer there for a more serious drink I went to the young and polite British guys at the Peckham Palace, a piece of hipster London copied and pasted on the Venetian scenario! The Cypro-Lithuanian pavilion curated by Raimundas Malasauskas surprises and raises controversy. I think it is beautiful and apparently they made a wonderful opening party.

It´s clear to me that this is the year of gym’s atmosphere because I found myself at the Slovenian Pavilion party, tasting red wine in a gym school, with coloured neon and a lovely, retro Eastern taste. To escape from the crowd, I found a little corner of peace in a hidden courtyard, The Book Affair, only for connoisseurs of art books and magazines.

Rudolf Stingel at Palazzo GrassiIn the overwhelming vortex of the Biennale days with my faithful My Biennale guide always in my hand, following friends and pavilions I also visited the exhibition at Palazzo Grassi. I strongly recommend the refined and welcoming exhibition by Rudolf Stingel. To end the long days hanging around I went to the Kaleidoscope  press party at Tolentini sponsored By Absolute Vodka. Good, I found the cocktail that cheered me up!

What´s your experience at the Biennale? Would you share it with us?