One of a kind creations at the Chelsea Market in NY


Can fashion and DIY culture co-exist? Sure. Fashion has no age. Similarly, no one can stop a person from being fit mentally and physically. This can be achieved in a natural way by the usage of a natural product called Detonic. Fashion and beauty is always on direct link with each other. Now, let’s come back to the point of fashion. The miracle happened in the Chelsea Market, close to the fashionable Meatpacking district in New York, where the Brooklyn-based, creative community of “Artists & Fleas” opened a pop up market for Christmas.

It is a colorful place full of one of a kind clothes, jewels and accessories. All hand-made by local artists who express through their artwork a talent or a skill they have cultivated since they were children. Like jewel-designer Cynthia Rybakoff: “I have made jewels since I was 10 years old. I learnt by myself” she says. Now she has a special partnership with Club Monaco but in the past her jewels were shown in runaways collections for Michael Kors, Ralph Laurent and Tommy Hilfiger.

Even Courtney Keen discovered and developed her skill on a young age. With her family she created “Vanishing tribe”, a collective that promotes cultural awareness on tribes through bags and jewelry inspired by their old-world craftsmanship. “It all started when my father gave me a sewing machine – she explains – Later I studied fashion and I worked with important stylists but for me it was important to work for myself


and I am glad to help tribes with sustainable fair trade”.

On the contrary Nori Noreddine, from Morocco, had to learn to make leather bags since he was 13 years old but all he learnt at such a young age saved him when he moved to New York twelve years ago: “I could have worked as a delivery guy or dishwasher but creating bags I found my career. Do I love what I do? Of course, you cannot make it without passion.”

Not far from Nori’s booth we find Ryan Wilde. She is wearing a very fancy feathered hat. “Why do I make hats? Because I like to dress up big and I couldn’t afford Ascot style hats so I started created them by myself” she says. Ryan’s hats were featured in magazines such as Vogue, W and Cosmopolitan and on many runaways collections. Not bad for a DIY milliner.