Most Pioneering Sustainable Art in Berlin


The city of Berlin is popularly known for the talents of artists, creativity and the movements. The people were found to be great in their imagination and repairing the broken systems to contribute in environmentally safe in the society. To celebrate their work look at here the innovative art in Berlin. It is very initiative for engaging with the environmental problems by means of their artistic programme and practice.

1. Art laboratory Berlin

Gem is a small gallery space found across the globe. Aim of the laboratory in Berlin is to exhibit the contemporary art which acts as intersects between the art and science and technology. They are interested very much in the non -human and their survival in the planet. They are conducting the recent research work on non -human subjectives. The data of it shows the climate change which affects the different species. Their work is often related to the theoretical framework which is carried out by the scholars of Rosi Braidotti, John Grey and Donna Haraway, to understand the mechanism of non- human. The sustainability from of interdisciplinary is pursued by Art laboratory Berlin which goes beyond the place of arts and science.

2. Contemporary art collaborations

It is an agency of the artists which function as the match maker for artists, cultural institutions and exhibition venues. Ocean contemporary is the key project of art objective which is found to be great example of professional engagement with the ocean. The collaborative is found to be non-profit project work and aims to induce contemplation and responsibility to ocean by means of contemporary art. The artists focussed on the problems of oceans in many way created by humans. The main objectives of the project is to focus on the strategies of the biodiversity and sustainable development to save the biodiversity of our planet and preserve it for our future.

3. Food art week

Entretempo kitchen gallery organised a Berlin food art week and its related activities. It is involved in researching and exploring the food from cultural and the design perspective. Art is extended into the kitchen and food acts as a common base to express the thoughts and ideas. This project involves food art, sustainability, economies and also environmental activities. It supported the agriculture which uses organic and regional vegetables obtained from the Berlin based farm project. Workshops, lectures and number of events are conducted and involved in offering service for food and design projects.