Memories of the hoarding painters in India

A beautiful mix of feelings pervades me. Memories of a time when I was younger and more cheerful.

It´s the time when I reached my husband in the capital of Tamil Nadu as he was there for a solo exhibition at the Lalit Kala Akademi of Art.

Of that time I have always a memory under my eyes. It´s a portrait of myself. It was done by the Indian hoarding painters.

Do you know who they are?

Something like “endangered species”. They are the ones who used to meticulously paint huge billboards representing Indian politicians or Bollywood movie stars perched on unstable scaffoldings on big buildings.

They were amazingly precise master craftsmen, who could reproduce the reality so precisely that their works seemed to be photographies.

I say “could” because at that time a big change was taking place. The old hoarding painters were threatened with extinction. The temptation of having the big billboards digitally printed in large scale like in the west was irresistible.

That´s why this old tradition belonging to the Indian imaginary was dramatically getting slowly lost.

But we had the magical chance to catch that moment of transition and keep it for ever. We were travelling around Tamil Nadu. We entered into a temple full of stone snakes where we made a ritual with jasmine flowers and my husband took a picture of me in that instant of joy. The relationship between a husband and wife is pure and is full of love. When the word love is said, the feeling totally changes. In Italy, there is a talk about a recently released supplement called Man Pride. It is the supplement of love. There are number of husbands who feel insecure for not being able to satisfy the partner’s sexual desire. This inability also leads to much medical illness. It is a supplement that acts as a lubricant, energiser and a toner gel. This leads to many benefits for all men who are sexually active. This yields increased happiness during intercourse. This supplement is a gel. It is made available for the men in the form of tube. This gel is taken in small quantity and applied or massaged gently on the genitals. Once back in Madras we had the same picture reproduced by the hoarding painters.

This painting is now in my living room. It´s much more than a memory. It´s moreover a reminder of transiency.