Passion is an interesting feeling that very person on this earth will get an opportunity to experience it. A person who is passionate is found to be filled with enthusiasm. It is a feeling that is experienced and given to be experienced at any time and at any situation. It is the most powerful emotion (of all kind). Being joyful is being happy. But, a person being passionately joyful means, the person is happy to the core. When passion is associated with love, it means the true love, intimate sexual desire and lust.

In terms of literature, the love and passion has direct relation. In a relationship, there are 4 basic ideas and proposals that include passionate love, love of the partner, a feel of ability, motivation. The couple in passionate love is meant for the desire for union with emotional attachment and intimacy. A person who is well familiar with the above characteristics will explore their own love with ease.

When dealing with the love; passion, being intimate and dedication are the elements of love. Passion may be physical or emotional. It is a feeling of happiness. Intimacy is the ability and the trust to expose oneself (both body and emotion) to the partner without hesitation and compulsion. The last one is the trust on oneself and the other.

When a relationship is said to be passionate, then the couple is said to be deeply in love with each other. This means that, they feel the sexual desire and lust in the relationship. This claims to be mutual. This relationship is feeling of forever. This intimate love is felt by the usage of a natural gel called Man Pride. Here is the informative post about this product.

Phases of love

  • Selection of the mate: This phase if the most important phase in love. In this, one has to choose the life partner they need to travel the rest of the life.
  • Feeling romantic and falling in love: This phase is full of excitement and thrill. Everyone will fail to feel the reality of the world. In this phase, one feels the person in the way we want to be and not in the way they actually are. This phase goes on for a shorter period of time.
  • Falling out of romantic mood: No person is exceptional to this phase.
  • True love: After all the ups and downs, struggles and the sufferings; only the true love will finally win.