Imagine a world with white and black colours. The answer to this imagination will be so monotonous. But, in today’s world, most of the people are living this monotonous life i.e. a colourless world. The people who live in colourless world are found to be in stressed or depressed state. But, the actual way to live the life to the fullest is to celebrate every moment and colour the life that one lives in. Most of the people do not know that it is the colours that affect our moods. A colour has the ability to heal people and guides us to achieve our vision. Visit this page to get the ideas of different people.

Red: Red is a colour that is closely associated with power, strength, energy and desires. The people who are shy, with low energy levels and with poor confidence level should focus on red colour. The red colour grabs attention and it stands unique. It is the bright colour amidst all the colours. The effect of colour enhances the metabolism and induces even the intimate passion. But, anything that is too much has negative effects i.e. angriness and irritation.

Orange: It is the colour of the sun. This colour represents the warmth, vitality and positivity. It is a factor of motivation. A person in the depressed state feels motivated by this colour. It redirects one in a positive way. It gives a thought of feeling for us. It helps us to think more and innovate.

Yellow: The sunrays are represented by the colour of yellow. This colour relates its properties or emotions of knowledge, optimism and positivity. This means that orange gives us the clarity of thoughts and guides us to be focused. It improves one’s self confidence to a greater extent. A person more addicted to it enters the line of criticism.

Green: The colour green is closely attached to nature. The other factors closely associated with nature are growth, fertility, birth and harmony. It helps us restoring the lost energy. It develops love and affection in oneself. The unconditional emotion is nurtured to the surrounding world too. It is the indication of prosperity of wealth.

Purple: The aspects like imagination, wisdom and spirituality are related with the purple colour. It affects us in a deeper thought. It is a colour of transformation. It denotes the selfless love and unconditional love. It has a great healing power in case of unwell persons.