There are some people in this world who live a life with a well formed timetable. But, this does not continue as planned all days. There are some situations that may completely collapse our plans and timelines. The reason may be simple to complicate and the effect may also be bearable to un-bearable. So, one should never lose hope. The people who loses hope may result with nervous breakdown and stress at the end.

Nervous break down

Nervous breakdown is defined as a condition in which the normal chain of work is disturbed by the extreme core of stress. This does not come under either the psychiatric condition or the medical condition. It can also be briefed as:

  • A state of awful distress that disrupts our day to day routines
  • A mixed feeling of anxiety and depression brought in due to the external factors
  • A range of contexts from the state of depression to the state of psychosis
  • A piled condition of acute crisis
  • A un-balanced state between the external forces and the internal capabilities

Symptoms and causes

A condition in which the stress dominates a person is called nervous breakdown. So, the main reasons may be due to external factors that may be varied.

A person undergoing a nervous breakdown is forced to experience the psychological, physical and behavioural symptoms. This may change from one person to the other. Being not categorized under medical illness, many symptoms details it. It includes the cases like:

  • Hallucinations
  • Insomnia
  • Variation in mood swings
  • Un-explained and un-reasonable outbursts
  • Existing in the condition of depression (loss of hope, being pushed to the condition of suicide, involving in the act of harming or disturbing oneself)
  • Paranoia: living in a condition where one is being closely watched or being followed
  • Staying away from the people, family, friends and the relatives (a state of isolation)
  • Lack of self care with poor health and hygiene
  • Staying away from the life partners

Self management

The stress can be managed by oneself or with the help of a proper guider.

  • One should breathe steadily and count 10 in case of any anger
  • Seeking the other helpful ways like yoga, massage therapy and acupuncture
  • An active relation with the life partner. Here are more helpful hints to be in good terms with the partner in a more intimate way.