Everyone comes into the world as an empty state. Once the entry into the human kind starts, we start learning. Our life is full of colors. As we grew up, we start learning the good and bad. This is compared with the black and white colors of the world. This is the first step we start learning about the colors in our life. With the understanding of the world, one can learn that good gives us joy and the bad gives us sorrow. It is our decisions that we take from our understandings. This is similar to the option of joy or sorrow in our life. After this decision making, we start learning the other colors of life slowly. As one grows, the discovery of colors improve our vision of spectrum i.e. our level of understanding.

In the 5 to 10 years of life, one will start learning the basic colors of life. This means that, one will understand the basic emotions like anger, cry, sad, fear, sorrow and joy. As a person starts getting old further, one might start differentiating the difference between the similar colors (that was once considered as a single color). This is like:

A pain is a single feeling. But it comes from both the physical harm and the psychological act.

A joy may be a single feeling. But it comes from both the act of being optimistic and eating a favorite dish.

It is at the teens that one starts learning the hues of colors i.e. love is an emotion and a single color that gives us both the pain and joy at the same time.

Ups and downs of life

Every human being live a life that is experimental with full of emotions and experiences. All one want is to live a life happily. The colors that one comes across the lifetime in the earth will showcase the way one interprets the world to oneself. Learning a new color is effortless. But, after learning 10 to 15 colors, one should put effort to learn furthermore. Some might feel that dark colors are useless with negative effect. But this is not the truth. One should learn the downs of life to reach greater heights and achieve more. The home remains the first school or the learning center for everyone. So, one should never forget the basic foundation. Happiness is everywhere and is in everyone.