Water is a magic in our life. Of all the planets, it is the Earth that has water. The reason is detailed and one can see this page for the same. Such water should not be wasted at any cost. It should be preserved. It is a natural resource. If such water goes away, one can never imagine a world. All the living creatures begin to extinct. The human race begins to fall. In humans, if the water content reduces in the body, then the problem of dehydration rises.


When the water content in our body lowers, then there occurs the problem of dehydration. This can be fixed with no costs by increasing the intake of fluids. One can find that they are dehydrated by the symptoms like thirst, headaches, being lazy or inactive, tiredness, urinating in dark colour, mood change and dry or cracked lips. If the above cases occur, then it should be instantly treated by the fluid intake. If this is skipped, then the after consequences are severe like the following:

  • Urination stops
  • The kidneys start failing
  • The toxic stuffs are not handled by the body
  • It may even result in death at the worst cases

The causes of dehydration are wide and varied depending upon several factors like:

  • Failing to consume enough water
  • Increased level of sweating due to hot weather condition, excess workout or fever
  • Improper signalling function in the adults due to which they may not feel thirsty even though they are dehydrated
  • The number of times a person is urinating is high. The reason for the same may be du to the hormone imbalance, type 2 diabetes, kidney failure and even some of the medications.
  • Continued committing or diarrhoea

Dehydration is harmful for all. But there are some aged group of people (babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly) who should be seriously under control.

  • Babies and children: in general, the babies and the children are susceptible to dehydration when they are ill (vomiting, diarrhoea and fever). It is a life threatening situation when not treated at correct stage. The symptoms of the same are cold skin, dry or cracked lips and a tinge of blue colour in the skin.
  • Elderly: The reasons for the elderly people to suffer from dehydration are varied like:
    • Hormonal changes
    • Not feeling thirsty due to improper signalling system
    • Age factor that slows down the kidney functions