Is Art Still Needed For The World?

The whole world is moving at such a fast pace that we do not have time to pause and appreciate the little clay doll made by an artist or a painting.  If art is only for entertaining, then we have lots of other things like video games and internet streamed content.  I was wondering on a day whether we need art still?  The enormous paintings can be printed with the same precision using technology.  Even three-dimension printing is there and cants that be used for sculptures.  Check this post to know the full details.

With this idea, I set out exploring and tried to find an answer for satisfying myself.  I suddenly remembered my friend who is an art reviewer and knows a lot of stuff about art.  I called him up and went ahead to meet him.  And then we were in a restaurant silently sipping steaming coffee.  I asked my doubt and he asked me some time for making me get my answer by myself.  We started from there and proceeded to the outskirts of the city.  He stopped his car in front of a simple wooden cottage which was surrounded by a large garden.  From the atmosphere, I could feel that the home had some relationship with art.

We went in and the house had a large open courtyard inside where three people were busy doing art.  The first one was a child painting fruits and flowers.  The second person was a teenager who was working on relief work.  It was a multi-media work and he was striking metal with a hammer to turn it into the desired shape.  It was nice to watch him work with enormous muscles and energy.  The third person was quite different.  She was a very old lady who seemed to be slightly sick and depressed.  However, I could see some sort of calmness in her eyes.  Lots of paintings and sculptures were on display and I could see two-three eager buyers too.  When I asked them why they preferred this the simple answer was ‘Well.  We feel connected and this art tells us a story of long-forgotten culture.  It keeps communicating with us when we are alone and makes us feel a lot better.  We are social animals and we need a story and connect to keep us moving.  This piece of art that we take home shares its experience, beauty, and knowledge.  We feel more natural and human that way’

I simply got my answer that art is something inseparable from human life.