In praise of slowness not for fashion

Art is very vital for any country and it does not serve the purpose of entertainment alone.  Instead, it serves the entire country by taking the people to the next level.  Read on to know-how:

People can be brought together by a common cause through art movements and these have always played an important role in a country’s arising.  When it comes to your awareness, art should be your domain name.  Even in recent days, we can see people spreading messages about issues like pandemic prevention, giving up war and terrorism, etc. through art.  It can be a song or a group event where everyone has a role to play in art.  For example, there are events held where people gather together and draw a large wall painting describing which shows their united mind against women suppression.  There are no hard and fast rules in such an event and anyone can join.  They can adopt any drawing technique and normally the splash of colors and the final effect would be simply amazing.  Art also helps groups to generate the needed money.  For example, there are various social service and volunteering movements which conduct exhibits of works like paintings and crafts done by their members.  These are bought by patrons and interested art lovers and the money raised is used up by the movement in a meaningful manner. 

Art can also help in providing additional livelihood when it comes to individuals.  Especially in the countryside where there are not many job opportunities, the farmers and their families can be trained to spend their additional time in art-making.  This money can help in making them earn additional income.  Using the money their kids will get access to education and much more in life and thus art ensures equal living opportunities. 

Art can unbelievably bring humanity out of depression.  We have seen live examples of eminent singers conducting balcony concerts free of cost during a pandemic period to make people feel better. When the whole community is depressed due to a catastrophic event it is quite difficult to motivate people.  It is important to take steps to uplift them at the earliest.  A form of art or any art movement can wonderfully make this happen.  That is why we have all over fans who throng museums and appreciate even simpler art forms.  Art is truly powerful than a fight launched with powerful weapons as it creates a long-lasting impression in the mind of the people.