In every country, the food produced is wasted. This may vary from region to region, but this condition remains true. On the other hand, there are people who live in poverty crying for food. But, at most of the times, this sound remains un-heard by the people. This is so wrong and is unacceptable. To see and be in this condition, it is good to be un-heard throughout the life time. But, even this problem of hearing is cured in many ways (one such remedy can be read here). But, the problem of poverty is not fully overcome till now. There are studies that show that the western countries consume more food than necessary. This not only disturbs the food chain, but also results in various health problems.

Reason for food waste

There are many reasons for the food waste that cannot be fixed. Some of them include the following:

  • Usage or purchase of big packages for the small houses
  • Failed or incorrect preparation of recipe
  • Overcooking due to the reduced time limit for the expiry date
  • Unwillingness to use the leftovers from the previous day or previous meals time
  • Sudden repair of food preservatives like fridge that preserves food for the next day

Waste prevention

Last minute Market, LMM is a great initiative to prevent the food from waste. It acts as a bridge between the shops and the producers. The producers are the processing industries, food shop and the similar organizations. It is they who discard the food by giving off to the needy people or the charities. This project took its origin in 1998 by Andrea Segre. This Last minute market finds its place in the sector of not sold edible stuffs, vegetables that are left harvested, books that do not find its way out of the market and the unused pharmaceuticals even. Through a disposal route, the LMM work with the companies with more than enough food and other stuffs. As time passes, the locals and the small companies have learnt about the food waste prevention. This prevents the over eating too. The above cases automatically lead to make the food available in the food scarcity areas (charity, low income sectors). This LMM has brought in benefit in the level of environment, economic and social. In this way, the food waste prevention is learnt by the common people and the government.