The association of the word “art” is closely related to the pieces of work in gallery or museum. It may be a painting or even a sculpture. Rather than art being viewed in galleries, there are many other forms of art. The surprising truth is that we people are unaware of the form of art that is around us. About 90 % of people fail to recognise the role played by art in their day to day life.

Art in home

There are chances that some forms of art are art are in our home. The art may include the simple painting or photography on the wall. If one doesn’t have the above, then one need not think too much. An art is not only admiring a piece of work. Everything around is an art. For instance; a quilt on a bed, decorative curtains, etc are also considered as a form of art. When a home is considered, everything we are using is form of art.

Joy of art

One may feel that he or she may be contented with a life that is non artistic. For instance, when a person looks at a painting in the living room; a feel of happiness automatically rises in oneself. The sculpture in the kitchen and the figurines in the garden create a sense of joy. The above forms of art surrounds us all time and create an atmosphere that keeps us happy in our living space. This remains a personal feel to one. Click here for more information to build a home such forms of art.

Art and Music

Like the role of art in life, the music is also a part of life that gives us joy. Art gives us joy and in the similar way, music also gives us peace of mind and happiness. This affects our mood to a greater extent. Even in the busy workplace, one will get a relaxed mind by listening to the music. This is being practiced from the past from agriculture to the present. A person with high stress will fell relaxed on listening to music. This proves that music is a form of art.

Inspirational art

It means that a piece of art that gives us a feel of encouragement. For instance, there are some posters that encourages. These are kept in workplace for employees to be productive. There are studies that prove that art improves the mood in the workplace in the form of music and posters.