Illy Coffee Cups Art Collection


More than 25 years completed in the discovery of illy cups. Illy cups are found to be elegant, iconic, white ceramic demitasses and it is completely perfect with the circular handles. Matteo, an Italian designer was a cofounder if the Memphis group and also an early director of Swiss watch company. He only designed the first espresso cup in 1922.The art was found to be an instant classic. Such a wonderful timeless aesthetic qualities of art have been made in the cup by an illy company. They also immediately embarked the most ambitious artistic partnerships in the modern corporate history by means of illy art collection. Some of the collection became the world famous and some are completely unknown to the people.

The logo of illy has been redesigned by a pop art icon James Rosenquist. He was a former sign painter and he uses his signature brushstroke style. In a project o filly art collection, more than 100 artists have been participated. Full collection of illy art cups can be checked in the company websites. Now we will go through the most beautiful offerings form the collection.

Anish Kapoor: In his work, the cup has been made of hole and he used this concept of illy cup in order to determine the nature of hole in the space. Platinum saucer has been designed with a hole in the center. The interior of the cup is made by platinum and it sits on the hole of the saucer and hence covers the hole.

Daniel Buren: He is a French conceptual artist and well known for working on a massive scale and transforms architectural scale by using the geometric patterns and colourful lines. There was a reduction in the dramatic scale of the work and maintained the aesthetic position by reimaging the shape of the saucer. He trimmed the sides of the saucer and presented it in a simple, straight forward having the vivid, bright and pure colour.

Robert Rauschenberg: He blended the popular product of the illy cup with the fine arts which is described as the perfect proposition to express his career. He made art in the common and everyday materials and objects and incorporated the maps in the cups. He created number of opportunities to combine the destinations, ideas and avenues while you slip away at your morning coffee. Images of illly cups made by all the artists are available online which seems to be beautiful.