A sculpture that uses ice as the raw material is called as an ice sculpture. The sculptures made from ice are realistic, decorative and abstract. The lifetime of such sculptures are of limited time and is dependent on the temperature of the environment. An ice sculpture usually lasts from few minutes to few months. Around the globe, there are several ice festivals conducted. These festivals host competitions of carving the ice sculptures. During carving, many difficulties are being faced. Ice is carved in a wide range of temperature by considering the surrounding temperature too. The sculptures are carved with the help of blocks of ice. The selection of blocks of ice should be carefully done. The ice selected should be free from impurities. The ice carving is considered ideal if it is made out of clean and pure water.

There are some machines that and techniques that allows slow freezing. This process removes the impurities thus forming the blocks of ice. This type of ice is made suitable for the carvers. On the other hand, not all the sculptures are carved in clear ice. The white ice blocks are used for carving. The colored block of ice is made by addition of dyes to the ice. This is then carved. At times, the combination of white ice and the colored ice are used to obtain the desired effect.

The artificial blocks of ice are produced in desired size. On the other hand, the natural ice is cut to the needed size depending upon the request. This is cut from the frozen rivers and the ice quarries (lakes or ponds that are frozen on its own). One can go through the list of natural frozen rivers and ponds in the following sites. In case of big sculptures, the block of ice is moved carefully with the help of machines.

The temperature of the surrounding environment decides how fast the particular sculpture should be completed to safe guard from the act of melting. If the sculptor works in the cold environment, then it is well and good. There are some expert sculptors who make use of chainsaws to do carving. This makes them complete the work at the earliest. In some cases, the hand saws and the chisels are used for cutting the ice. With the growing technology, there are many sculptures that are designed purely by machines alone. The molding systems present are used to created complicated ice sculptures. The coloring effect is also made possible by the addition of corresponding gels and the sand into the ice.