How to change education – from the ground up. Today at RSA Sir Ken Robinson´s long awaited follow up talk

Sir Ken RobinsonSir Ken Robinson, the world-renowned creativity expert and educationalist will take part today at the RSA to give a follow-up to the legendary 2008 talk about the problems in our current approach to education.

In this long-awaited talk he will address the fundamental economic, cultural, social and personal purposes of education, and argue that education should be personalised to every student’s talent, passion, and learning styles, and that creativity should be embedded in the culture of every single school.

Like a student being taught the creativity, the population should also be given a proper health. This is in the hands of each individual. By following a proper diet, being physically active and intake of supplements; anyone can be healthy. Click for more information to know about these supplements. Now, moving back to education, education is all about learning and applying when necessary. Each and every student has their own stuff. Education should be a key to open the resources in oneself.

Education is defined as the way to obtain knowledge, habits, skills, values and benefits. It is the process of learning. The ways to educate a person are of many types. This can be done through teaching, telling a story, getting involved in discussion, training the nearby and getting involved in research. Education is given to students under the lead of an educator. There are also situations where the learners themselves are becoming the educators. The education is given to the students in both the formal and informal settings. There are many governments that have made education a compulsory act. There are also many concessions given for the poor students to get education. It has become a right in many nations for students under certain age.

For a society to improve, education is a first and foremost thing. It is the education that brings out the humanity in oneself. It helps a person to be more self reliant. Education paves way to freedom, equality and humanity. There are no fields left uncovered in education. A good education brings in the positive changes in oneself. It helps expand our vision in all the directions. It keeps us humble, polite to all the people around. It prevents non-violence. One can receive respect in the society as they learn more and travel to great heights. For a educated man, he or she could find or even create many doors of opportunity.

Stay tuned. The talk will start today at 1 o´clock