Are you a person who holds a small business? No need to worry about the way to be known to everybody. Here is the way called blogging. It is the easy and inexpensive way to extent the business and its opportunity. By this way, one can attract many customers to their site. Whatever the business it may be (art, food, etc), the result will be tremendous. Here are some statistics that shows that blogging does wonders in case of small business.

  • About 61 % of United States does their purchase based on a blog
  • 37 % of marketers make use of blogs as a method of context marketing
  • Comparing the blogging companies and blogless companies, blogging companies enjoy 97 % of inbound links

Benefits of blogging

  • Search engine optimization is boosted up: For a searcher, the search engine gives away the most fresh and valuable content. When a blogger blogs constantly, the search engine creates a new context to the index. This improves the visibility of our content. There may be sites that link our page which is like a boost to the search engine.
  • Good relationship with the potential and existing customers: When we start blogging, a connection gets created with the visitors of our site. When a blogger creates a question and answer session, the reader is made to interact with the blogger. By this way, the blogger can get comments and the feedback (either positive or the negative) that promotes growth. By communicating with the reader, we can build trust and rapport with the readers. By this way we can convert the readers to the customers.
  • Showcase the business as a leader of the industry: However small the business is, by providing the valuable and trusted information, our company starts gaining name and fame. On the course of time, the particular company becomes a source of information. This attracts the customers at a higher rate. If the blog is concerned to art, then one can always refer the blog, Illywords. Find out this here with more proper and relevant information.
  • Connection of people: Blogging provides a corporate standards, broad vision and extra personality to the company. This improves the connection with the new people as customers.
  • Giving value to the readers: Providing the value to the customers is one of the biggest benefits of blogging. If the stuffs of the company will yield solutions to someone, then it adds more value to the customers.