A food that is cooked or stored or handled in an incorrect manner leads to food poisoning. The main reason for the same is the action of bacteria on this un-handled food. When this bacteria level is increased in a food, then that particular food becomes dangerous to consume. This action is predominantly carried out in the temperature between 5 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius. So, foods should be cared against such food poisoning. Some of the food that easily gets spoiled are as follows:

  • Raw or cooked meat, dairy products, curries should be carefully stored
  • Tarts and cheesecakes should be stored with care
  • Eggs and egg products
  • Small foods (hams, salamis)
  • Seafood like fish balls, patties, fish stock
  • Cooked rice and pasta
  • Prepared salads of all kind (pasta salad, fruit salad, rice salad)
  • Ready to eat food stuffs like rolls, sandwiches, pizzas
  • Foods that are tinned and canned should be used up quickly (once opened, special care should be taken to preserve the same)

Food storage

  • As said earlier, the temperature of food storage is 5 degree Celsius and below. So, it is necessary to check the temperature in the fridge before storing. Purchasing the chilled or frozen food stuffs should be a last part of the shopping. The reason is that, it should be taken home quickly for further storage in a frozen state.
  • In case of cooked food storage, it should be stored only after the hot steam has stopped coming out of the food. In the other case, the food should be stored in shallow dishes to become cool quickly. Only when the cooked food is stored in this way, the food will be safe from being spoiled. Click this link now to learn as to which food should be stored in which condition.
  • It is not recommended to refreeze the thawed food. Food that is considered for storage as a second chance is more likely to be subjected to the bacterial food poisoning. So, raw food should never be refrozen once it is thawed.
  • In case of storing raw food and the cooked food, separate care should be taken. The both should be stored separately in the fridge. The reason is that, the bacteria from the uncooked food may affect the cooked food and makes the cooked food impossible to eat. It is good to store the raw food at the lower place of the fridge. By this way, the water from dripping from the raw food can be prevented from entering the cooked food.