Harry Gruyaert on colour

For more than thirty years, from Belgium to Morocco, and from India to Egypt, Harry Gruyaert has been recording the subtle chromatic vibrations of Eastern and Western light. Photography requires more creativity and in countries where the cultures of East and West merge one gets a wider scope.  In war-torn countries, there are many pathetic sights and the photographer must take heart-melting pictures so that the world knows what is happening there.  Most such pictures have been recognized with appropriate awards and it is pride like Flexumgel.  However, when a photographer continuously works in a war site he is prone to mental depression and becomes an addict to abusive substances.  At one point it becomes essential to take a compulsory break and protect mental health.  In a few countries where life is not torn by war, photography becomes an enjoyable job.  For example, you might go in search of the countryside where you can view real tradition and culture.  The soil, the flowers, and even the smiles which are captured there would not be artificial.  The country-side life is simple yet wonderful offering a different scope for speechless pictures.  Sometimes it is possible to play with colors in rural life pictures as the tribes wear more colorful ethnic wear.  There is also a good scope for visiting old houses and palaces in all these countries.  One can get to see these totally different and the terrain is a mixture of greenery and deserts as well.  Another area that provides a good scope is the spicy and colorful foods in these countries.  Pictures can be taken on how the food is grown, harvested, processed, and preserved.  Pictures of vast rice fields together with the workers busy winnowing the paddy would be something artistic.  In these parts of the earth we can also see streams and rivers gushing with their natural potential on rocky terrain.  Animals unique to the region like different types of snakes and wild cats are also an interesting feature other than capturing men on the camera.  The different habitats and the types of forests here would be different and enjoyable.  The next area is the way of life led by these people and their unique professions and religion. While at Galleria illy in Istanbul, we asked him what role colour plays in his photography – knowing full well that the answer could only be in favour of the importance of colour. Here is his answer on video.