Graffiti and Art

Graffiti is something quite popular and capturing the interest of people from various walks of life.  Those who value tradition and aesthetics might raise their eyebrows and may not seriously regard this as art.  But Graffiti is emerging as the art of the common man and most important form of taking art to the common man.

This form of art is an index of man’s revolutionary thoughts.  It greatly unites people on social causes.  For example, an artist wanted to bring people’s attention to a recent crime.  Silently he created graffiti on the main wall at night time.  The next morning people who were walking across the taken aback and that caused a sensation.  The crime became the talk of the town and the police started taking action.  Soon the criminals were traced and arrested and the society was happy.

It is not only crime but various issues like pollution, human trafficking, suppression of women, etc. that constantly occupy the wall spaces.  Since it is street art do not undermine the quality or power of a graffiti.  The graffiti artists are very efficient and they create a lovely splash of meaningful colors on the walls.  The curves and the figures are perfect and the message is hammered straight on the mind of the audience.

Many people regard graffiti as equivalent to a sort of inferior art or vandalism.  That is because it is usually meant for the poor and the struggling.  The artists fight for their cause and maybe the elite part of the society is reluctant to accept it that easily.  That is why these even eminent artists take to this form and make sure this art gets its respect and attention. 

We have lots of people who love this art form.  I know a student who had the life-time aim of visiting Philadelphia just to enjoy the street art pictures done on building walls there.  Graffiti has made so many positive impacts on various social causes.  Especially even in this modern world when there is an outrageous act of racism, graffiti artists join hands together to fight against it and immediately respond to it. 

It is used for positive purposes also like focusing on child education.  In less developed economies there are various other important issues like hygiene, alleviation of the wrong religious believes, etc.  The sudden and mysterious forest fires of amazon is another hot environmental issue.  Graffiti helps in positively fighting all these.