Wasting food has become a worldwide epidemic. It is found that more than one third of the food produced is wasted globally. For instance, the Americans throw away about 40 % of the food. This contributes to 20 % of the methane emission. This emission affects the climatic change to a greater extent. On the other hand, there are equally that much wasted food is necessary for the people who are in poverty. In general, there are some sayings that say that the main reason for food wastage depends on the 3 factors like abundance, beauty and cost. This is detailed as: the food supply is too abundance for a single person. Everyone wants the food to be perfectly cooked with the desired taste, colour and colour. In the recent years, the food prices are getting hitched to top. But, the need for food or the purchase of food supply is never decreasing. The true fact is that the people fail to realize neither the true value of money nor the importance of food. There is no person who forgets to bargain or go behind the discounts. But, the food wastage makes these acts a complete waste. It is like fighting to trash the food supplies. This should be stopped.

One should feel more connected to the food that he or she eats. This connection will never let them waste the food. There are some general ways to prevent the wastage of food.

  • Shop wisely: The statement may look simple and easy. But, this is the most important steps. Rather than buying everything in bulk, it is good to buy in small potions and use the same. Before one goes to shopping, it is necessary to think about the dish to be prepared and purchase accordingly. The place of purchase is also very important. One should purchase from the local farmers or the nearby small stores.
  • Cook while you cook: Like a rhyme, it is advisable to cook while one cooks and eat while you eat. This is because; the people may feel full during cooing itself. This results in reduced eating during meals. This automatically leads to wastage of food.
  • Consider leftovers: At times, when food is left uneaten, then it should be saved for the future. This saving should be done properly such that it is not spoiled. These leftovers should be eaten without fail. Check this site to save the leftovers.