Buy what you need

One should always buy foods only based on the needs. This is not the place for bargaining or getting more at discounts. This is all about need of food for everyone. So, it is good to buy what actually one needs. Rather than storing food stuffs, it is good to buy only when needed. One should always stick to the useful content based on necessity. This can be practiced by following certain good practices like:

  • Preparation of meal plan for the entire week
  • Perform shopping by considering the amounts
  • Keep in mind the days one will eat outside

Be clear about ‘use by’ and ‘before dates’

The use by dates on the packaged food tells the end date till which the particular food is safe to eat. These dates are usually seen on the packages of perishable foods (frozen meat, dairy products and the readymade food stuffs). To avoid wastage, tjis types of foods should not be stocked up. The before dates are the dates even after which the food can be consumed without any health hazards. So, depending upon the labels on the food stuffs, the food should be consumed.

Use what you have

It is good to use only what we have at initial stages. Buying should be a second stage of choice. This is done by:

  • Based on the items kept in the fridge, the food should be taken in the order (first in and first out). By this way, the spoilage of food can be prevented.
  • When the fresh groceries, fruits and the vegetables are freshly bought, then the already existing stuff should be used first to prevent the expiration of existing stuffs.
  • It is advised to use the let out food supplies to produce the food for consumption.
  • The leftovers should be consumed every now and then. This avoids food wastage.
  • The food can be frozen to an extent to avoid spoilage. But this method is not recommended as it will make the food dry without any moisture content.

Avoid serving more than necessary

One should serve food based on necessary. It is advisable to serve smaller potions rather than smaller potions. This is good for health too. It is good to use the leftovers for the next time meal.

Share the excess food

Sharing is a good habit. It is a general saying. So, if the food is found to be excess, then it is good to share the excess food.