Food wastage is one of the growing global crises. It is something that affects the physical health of our mother earth. There are a study that shows that the food wasted in developed countries is well sufficient for the entire continent. Food wastage is becoming a environmental concern that is being faced almost all the countries. In order to get rid of this disaster, need of sacrifice and co-operation rises to show case this issue. This is an issue faced in both the developed and the developing nations. In developed nation, food is wasted as a result of rejection or the household wastes. In case of developing nation, the food is wasted because of the lack of resources (improving the crops and the preserving freshness).

Food waste is stated as the loss of food during the retail or the final consumption. Food waste is not only the food wasted from human consumption, but also the food that goes out of the human food chain. These foods are thrown to trash even if it is good for consumption. There is survey that shows that about one third of the food produced is wasted (from production to consumption). This includes the fruits and the vegetable wastage too. The sad part is that. At times the food is wasted without even being opened. The consumers prepare food more than they could consume which leads to food wastage. The food wasted is the money wasted that is spent upon them. The money spent on the food is wasted and goes in vain. Every people is in the state of guilty without knowing the effects and consequences. In general, there is a talk that, it is the children that waste the food. But, the truth is that, it is the old aged group of people who wastes food.

Food waste everywhere

  • In the larger countries, food is mainly wasted because of non pleasing look, size and color. One can refer that site here that lists the names of such countries.
  • In smaller countries, the storage becomes very difficult in a more protective way. This automatically leads to food wastage.

Ways to prevent food waste

  • The usage of food preservatives are recommended to prevent the food spoilage.
  • The cooling equipments are used to extend the life span of the food.
  • The food products are addressed with the labels. With these labels, the foods are used in the order they are kept for preservation (first in, first out).