Once the food and food supplies are bought and stored in a safe manner, the work doesn’t end here. Like the above, the way the food is cooked is also an important part. The food poisoning also occurs due to improper or inadequate cooking. This automatically leads to food wastage. So, everything is related in a food cycle. Every action in the food cycle concentrates on prevention of food wastage. Food wastage is harmful to human kind in the health wise too. Look at these guys who have given opinion about such stuffs. Now, back to food safety, one should completely cook the non-vegetarians stuffs (egg, meat, chicken and fish) to kill all the poisonous bacteria if present. Another means of contamination is the handling of containers that holds the un-cooked food. Food should be cooked at a temperature of 75 degree Celsius. The food that is cooked should be served hot or should be stored in a well covered manner or in the fridge.

Some of the following foods should be cooked with intense care and high risk like:

  • Non vegetarian stuffs like meat, fish, chicken, eggs, etc
  • Dealing with all the diary products like milk, cheese, paneer and the like
  • Eggs and its related food stuffs
  • Normal main courses (rice, pasta, noodle)
  • Ready to eat foods should be cooked with great care to avoid wastage from poisoning

Cooking temperature

Cooking a food is very important. Different foods are cooked at different temperatures. As said earlier, 75 degree Celsius is the least temperature at which all the food is cooked. The main reason for such high temperature is that, it is at this temperature almost all the bacteria die. Due to this, the food spoiling is affected thus preventing the food wastage too.

  • When dealing with the meat, the pink flesh part should not be seen that denotes the raw flesh. The juicy content should not be viewed too.
  • In case of fish, it should be cooked until it is easily handled by the fork for eating.
  • For normal foods, it should be cooked until raw smell goes and it becomes edible to eat.
  • One should have more concentration when dealing with the eggs, especially raw eggs. Intense care should be taken when the raw egg is used for preparing food like mayonnaise. Similarly during boiling eggs, care should be taken that it is completely cooked. It is well and good to avoid raw eggs.