Food And Art-Eternal Bonding

There is a deeper bonding between food and art and hence it is quite natural to see that a person who appreciates food loves art too.  By food lovers, we do not mean the constant eaters here.  We just mean the people who respect and appreciate the precious value and beauty of food.  They enjoy the way it is garnished and served and the quantities they consume are not abnormal.

You would be surprised to know that there are as many as 26 ways to make a cup of artistic coffee.  You can add a layer of thick chocolate cream float atop or you can simply draw chocolate paintings on the tiny white bubbles of the steaming coffee.  Check this website to know the full details. 

This is not only true in the case of coffee but also other foods.  Even a simple meal would look great when you garnish it properly.  Have you seen people chopping onions like little half moons and adding them to foods?  Sometimes in hunger, we might not even stop to pause and appreciate the shape.  Still, they keep doing it because they cook artistically.  This is quite evident in the doughnuts and cakes they make.  However, they can make even the salads look tastier through their culinary skills. 

Even at home, you can try these simple artistic techniques as it increases harmony and health.  You can make flowers out of tomato or cut the carrots into stars.  It just takes a few extra minutes and that effect you get while serving your food is simply unimaginable.   No fears as not many vegetables are wasted here except the peels.  For example, the tiny bits and pieces along the length that you discard while shaping your star carrots can be diced minutely into long juliennes and these can be used for garnishing your soup. 

Next time when you pick a banana or strawberry imagine what you would do at home.  Select the ones with different shapes so that you can use your creativity.  The curved and long bananas make dolphinfishes when they are half cut at one edge and peeled slightly to show the split tails.  The other end would easily make up the smiling face of a dolphin.  A strawberry can easily make a penguin and cut slices of kiwis can easily make the green branches of a tree.  Just make the brown bark using a chocolate wafer.  Next time when you are served with the plate of the sandwich with cross-crossed bands of tomato sauce remind yourself that food is art.