Food is a form of art. Such an art should not be wasted at cost. A great care should be taken such that such a food is not wasted. The possible ways that leads to food waste are during cooking, storing and even buying. Illywords has a wonderful blog that deals with the food garbage. Browse around this web to get to know about it in detail.

Food safety and microwave cooking

In the hurry burry world, microwaves have become a quick and easy way to cook food. Even if they are not used in a proper way, the food is cooked either partially or completely. The partial means that, the temperature of cooking a food will not be uniform or it might have not reached at maximum level of about 75 degree Celsius. When one tries to cook food using microwaves, the following points should be considered.

  • The food to be cooked should be evenly chopped or evenly separated.
  • The over sized dishes should be put near the corner of the dishes.
  • It is necessary to cover the food with microwave safe lid or the wrap associated with it. This helps the heat from spreading and promotes quicker cooking.
  • The food should be stirred during cooking.
  • One should wait till the standing line time limit. The reason behind is that, in some cases the food continues to cook even after the particular time with the available heat.

By following the above suggestions, one can avoid partial cooking. By avoiding the partial cooking, one can stop the food spoilage.

Cooling and Storing food

At times, food may be left behind after the meal. This food can be stored rather than throwing out. These leftover can be used the next day or during the busy work schedule or during the clean fridge day. Only thing is that, the leftovers should be consumed in the order they are kept inside. These leftover should be preserved with care so that it does not get spoiled and wasted.

  • The food that is hot should not be kept inside fridge. One should compulsorily wait for the steam to stop from the hot food.
  • The food can be kept in the shallow vessels to get cooler instantly.
  • The food can be saved in small potions too.

If the above rules are followed, the food can be preserved without spoilage for few days. If the food is to be stored for more days, then it can be chilled.