Flowers And Paintings

The connection between flowers and art is indeed very beautiful.  Whether a flower is tiny or a huge bloom, it had been always a constant passion for artists to paint or photograph these.

Have you ever watched the time-lapse pictures of the flowering stages?  That is unexplainable and gives a lot of mental relief while watching it.  And flowers carry a lot of colors- pink, white, blue, red and the ranges of the shades and tints are many.  Click over here to know full details.  Moreover, the same flower might have a different combination inside the densely crowded petals.  The close-up picture of a flower always reveals the brilliant arrangement of the petals.  It is mathematically charming and shows the passion a photographer has towards art. 

Similarly, when it comes to painting a flower the artists get very enthusiastic and watercolors are the most preferred medium to work magically on flowers.  When you observe the paintings you would be able to see the wide variety of shades used to represent the flowers.  Drawing flowers drenched in rain, large flower gardens, or wilted flowers- throw any challenge, and the artist can do the wonderfully with the watercolor.  Some of them also prefer acrylic colors as they represent the glow of the flower brilliantly.  

A painting of rose of Lilly can give you immense pleasure to watch and the solitude is something like meditation.  Art based on a flower is loved by all aged groups and across borders.  In the south-East Asian culture, normally lotuses occupy the crown and those the flowers which are represented to the maximum extent.  The lotuses are treated as divine flowers loved by the gods and the pictures of the gods would have them without failure. 

Normally while representing tiny flowers the artists resort to choose a blend of colors to differentiate these.  The large flowers are usually portrayed with more details and contrasts.  The dahlias and the peonies add poetic sense to the painting and the buds indicate the hope for the young to bloom someday.  Sometimes a painting can also show withered flowers or burnt and bleeding buds to indicate suppression of the weaker sections in the society.  However you enjoy the painting, flowers are indeed calm and constantly speak the language to heal your worries and sorrows.  These keep removing your tears and make you cheer up and love life to the core.  That is why art is undefeatable!