Famous Street Food Markets Of The World

You would always need a chewy and tasty bite of food outside the home and for foodies that only fill their appetite.  Read on to know about the famous street markets of the world:

When in England if you feel like tasting the other cuisines, the Exeter street market is the best place.  Name any cuisine-Thai, Spanish or American – you can get it here with the same taste.  Besides the place has awesome drinks to provide.  The market is quite busy from May to September and people from all over the world throng to have a bite of their delicacy.  If you are an ardent art lover, you can select the Brandon market at Leeds where food comes with live art or music.  Go to the website to get full details.

The most attractive feature of street food is its color and flavor- the care with which the garnishing is being done.  Some markets provide a fusion of various cuisines and this is where you can taste food types which you would not have tasted before. 

The next country you should visit for tasting awesome street food is the food markets in Italy.  Whether it is the fish market in Rialto or Campo Del Palio  you can get the local produce full of freshness and health.  It is amazing to see the wheels of cheese being cut and sold in these markets together with roasted flavourful chestnuts still hot inside their shells.  If you are going to Milan never miss out on the wine varieties you can get there.

In Spain, the San Miguel market is very famous and you can save your hefty restaurant bills here by tasting the richest street food served.  Never miss out on the Spanish foods served here together with juicy olives, local produce, and drinks.

When you visit Australia, you get to taste Emu meat and unique foods like snags.  In the street food markets, you can see that these are being constantly barbecued and served along with a generous dose of butter.  While walking on the street the sizzling sounds and aroma invite you and Barramundi is a fish food that you can never resist.  Meat is being served here in various forms like pie, fry along with chips or in rolls.  Besides you get a variety of veg hamburgers to try out and most items are kid-friendly here. 

Next time before you step into an expensive eatery, consider and visualize street food and enjoy these because you can never miss all the fun.