Mobile phones are wide spread. One may feel that mobile phones are source of refreshment to them after a tired long day. But, the fact is that, it is the mobile phones that make them even more tired. To get refreshed, there are many other healthy ways like going for a walk, a chit chat with the near and dear, involving oneself in some forms of art (photography, drawing, crafts, etc), concentrating in gardening, develop their art of hobby and many more. He said (may be anyone), Illywords is one of the useful blogging sites. Rather than spending time like this in a useful way, one should not concentrate in the technology refreshment like usage of cell phones, getting hiked to the television and usage of other electronic gadgets. The technology refreshment has serious health concerns.

Health concerns due to the usage of mobile phones

 Mobile phones communicate or work by communicating with the base stations. This communication is by the usage of radio frequency (RF) radiation. At times, RF may be high. When this is high, then the body temperature increases. These RF causes health concerns like headaches and the tumors in the brain. There is no conclusive study that says that the mobile phones are harm to the health through the RF signals.

  • Sleep disorders: Sleep is the way to take rest. Some may feel that it is the time of freeness and hence spend most of the night time in chatting and messaging. This automatically leads to sleep disorders. The sleep patterns are affected that results in hormonal imbalances in the body.
  • Increased accident rate: When a person is android user or an apple user, then the frequency of checking the phone is quite often during a travel. The reason may be varied like looking the map or looking for some destinations. This may automatically lead to accidents due to lack of focus in the road.
  • Infertility: In men, the usage of phones leads to infertility in men. There is an ample evidence (reduced sperm count in male rats) for the same. Like rats, the human male also faces the problem of infertility like reduced sperm count.
  • Hearing problems: The usage of phones automatically leads to the usage of earphones and the ear pods. This leads to ear problems on the prolonged usage. The radiations from the phone are also the reasons for the hearing problems and other hearing impairment.