Enjoying The Art of Nature-Rain

Rain is something that brings us happiness and humans always perceive that to be the blessing of nature from the sky above.  What is fun when there is isn’t any food that can spike up the joy of rain.  On a beautiful rainy morning, I was watching useful sites like this one.  Suddenly the chill wind created the urge to drink something hot.  A boiling cup of coffee made my day and I stood in the balcony watching the green branches of trees taking bath in the gentle drizzling waters.  Even a pair of sandwiches or biscuits would have created a perfect breakfast because it was raining.

Rain creates an awesome peace in the mind and listening to the rhythm of the rainwater is unexplainable beyond words.  As the day moved on the chillness of the never-ending rain made me sluggish.  I cooked up a simple spicy chicken delicacy and ended my lunch beautifully watching the drenched roses and peonies in my small garden.  It is very nice to listen to gentle music while it is raining outside.  I started playing the classical and set my soft and comfortable bed near the window.  I had a good sleep for twenty minutes and then woke up to see that the rain had intensified. 

It was the same till that evening and watching people walking with umbrellas or wearing raincoats on the road and vehicles splashing the puddled rainwater went on repeated.  I had a sudden craving for soup and luckily had the essentials in my pantry.  Now it was time for the school children returning home and I watched the office goers too rushing back along the pavement.  It got dark sooner than usual and the rain was slowing down again.  The food delivering boys now started appearing on the roads and I guess none had the mood to cook dinner like me.  It is simply the magical effect of rain making me crazy and artistic. 

The remaining soup was still in the pot and I had few chopped vegetable leftovers.  I added those to the soup along with noodles.  Now that everything was dark outside I could hear the raindrops cooling and melting my heart.  If there was some other at home to share the joy it would still be better.  However, the rain makes you forget the loneliness and you can still feel better.  You would be smiling to know that the rain had sent me a bird visitor still waiting at the corner of my window sill.  I fed few bread crumbs to it and we both were silently watching the rain.